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Townsville-Gurambilbarra, QLD
26 July to 04 August 2024



Mark Holdsworth

Mark Holdsworth [BMus, BA(Hons), MMus, MCouns] is an Australian composer and therapist based in Perth, Western Australia. His music delves into the complexities inherent in the human experience. Through his background as a mental health therapist, Holdsworth brings a unique perspective to his compositions, crafting a compelling narrative that evokes introspection and engages audiences in a dramatic exploration of human emotions and experiences. Each of the composer’s pieces stands as a testament to his commitment to unravelling the intricacies of our collective humanity through both music and therapeutic insight. His compositions invite audiences to forge a profound and meaningful connection with the human condition by creating a space for contemplation, compassion, and enriching a deeper understanding of ourselves and others.

A growing collection of Holdsworth’s pieces also draws upon his Javanese heritage, integrating aspects of Indonesian and Western art music traditions. This union not only cultivates a captivating and distinctive musical voice but also serves as an introduction for audiences to explore the rich soundscapes of Indonesian traditional music.

Holdsworth's portfolio includes a substantial catalogue of orchestral works as well as repertoire for large ensemble, chamber ensemble, and solo instrument. He is regularly commissioned and performed by Australia's most feted ensembles, including the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, West Australian Symphony Orchestra, Australian Youth Orchestra, Australian String Quartet, Omega Ensemble, and Arcadia Winds.