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Townsville-Gurambilbarra, QLD
26 July to 04 August 2024


The AFCM Future Fund was established in 2013 to ensure the Australian Festival of Chamber Music and its cultural legacy can continue into the future.

The AFCM Future Fund is a financial reserve that is separate from AFCM operating funds, created to support ‘grand vision’ projects such as a new performance space, new performance infrastructure or an unparalleled artistic initiative, or to assist in times of extreme financial hardship, supported by a Board-approved business plan and in accordance with the objects of the company. The Fund is also the repository for all AFCM bequests of $10,000 and above not designated by the donor for a specific purpose.

Like all arts organisations AFCM faced very challenging times in 2020-2022. This period of uncertainty has emphasised to us the importance of having preventive measures in place to ensure our long-term sustainability and ability to respond to environmental factors out of our control. Building our Future Fund is one of the ways we can face such challenges with confidence and creativity, and continue to celebrate great music, artists and friends at AFCM each year. Contributions to the Future Fund have so far reached $396,080, or 39% of our target. No funds have been drawn from the AFCM Future Fund to date. 


We hope you will consider joining our Future Fund donors. The AFCM’s legacy is a wonderful achievement, and we would welcome you as part of our story.

Contributions to the Future Fund are received into the AFCM Donations Fund bank account and are fully tax-deductible. Investment of monies in the Future Fund is made in accordance with guidelines for public funds laid down by the Australian Taxation Office and Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission Governance Standards. AFCM invests funds in appropriate securities  to help achieve these targets, utilising independent financial advice.  


Meta Goodman 

Alan and Janet Bell 

Dr P Thomas and Mr G Thomas 


Orpheus Dreamers

Martin Dickson AM and Susie Dickson

Castle Hill Conquerors

Michael Katz
Russell Mitchell and Valmay Hill
Dr Steven Lun and Janelle Lun (Townsville Urology)

Magnetic Marvels

Robert Dagworthy AM and Christine Dagworthy
Glenda Lewin
Ruth Stratton
Joe Tapiolas and family

Arcadia Angels

Andrew Andersons AO
Meg Breidahl
David and Helena Cassells
Drs Ailbhe and Frank Cunningham
Meta Goodman
John Hughes
Richard Jahn
Kay Jaumees
Nicholas Jose
Hon. Justice D. North
Gloria Dawn Pettifer
Glenys Schuntner
Jane Seawright
Roger and Ann Smith*
Dr P Thomas and Mr G Thomas
Ian Underwood
Anonymous (3)

Strand Champions

John and Kaori Twomey
Noela Billington
Deborah Cheetham AO
Jane Connell
Anne Cullinane
Clare Daly
Peter Eadington
Chris Eales
Gudrun Genee
Janie E Gibson
Barry John Green
Peter Griggs
Lorna Mead
Jill Phillips
Alan Stephenson
Janet Williams
Anonymous (3)

And thank you to 
Rita Edwards, Mr Gordon Farrant and Mrs Eirlys Farrant, Anne Atkinson, Rosemary Cannington, Alan Grundy, Barbara Jane Hirschfeld, Aviva Kipen, Suzanne Pyke, Sarah Reichelt, Jocelyn Thompson, Ian Whittingham


Click to see our FUTURE FUND FOUNDING DONORS (DONATED $1000+ IN 2013)

The Australian Festival of Chamber Music North Queensland Limited is a registered charity (with Deductible Gift Recipient Status). All donations over $2 are tax deductible. A donation receipt will be issued.

If you would like more information about donating to the AFCM Future Fund please contact:

Angela Timbs, Philanthropy Manager,  T 07 4771 4144   PO Box 5871, Townsville QLD 4810