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Supporting an Artist

Supporting an Artist

Each year AFCM brings some 40 musicians from across Australia and around the world to Townsville. They are the beating heart of AFCM and hearing them, seeing them interact with each other, and getting to know them on stage is a memorable part of any AFCM..

Our Artists Support campaign is a major part of our philanthropic income. Individuals or small groups donate $4,000 for an Australian based artists and $7,500 for an overseas based artist. This is approximately half of the costs of bringing them to Townsville. 

We are currently seeking support for the following Australian based artists:

Adam Chalabi - Winterschool Director Violin
Phoebe Gardner Violin
Yasmin Rowe Piano
Virginia Taylor Flute

If you would like to support an artist or would like more information please contact  Sue Hackett - Philanthropy Manager  P 07 4771 4144