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Day One

Day One


We hope you enjoy today's program. The video links will be live below at the scheduled start time.

9am  - Welcome message by Kathryn Stott and Jack Liebeck - 

10am - Musical Melodies – Yelian He (cello) and Yasmin Rowe (piano) -

12pm - Lunchtime Concert – The Goldner String Quartet - 

2pm - Destination Dreams – Mission Beach and Paronella Park - 

4pm  - Musical Memories – AFCM’s First Decade, the 1990s - 

7pm - Evening Concert – The Beating Heart performed by Jack Liebeck (violin) and Katya Apekisheva (piano)
Tickets can be purchased up until 30 minutes prior. If you can't watch the concert at its scheduled time... no problems, you can watch anytime over the next 72 hours. Find out more here.