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26/07 - 04/08/2019

Artistic Director Kathryn Stott

Support the Australian Festival of Chamber Music

                                                                                                 “stratospheric performances by a tropical sea”   Jessica Duchen

Australia’s vast landscape is the source of peoples and stories reeling back through the centuries. At any one moment, or place, you could linger and look closely, taking in humanity and nature at its most creative or startling.

Pausing now, in a spot called Gurrumbilbarra or Thul Garrie Waja or Townsville, depending on where your journey started, and zooming in you’ll find an unlikely combination of timeless tropical seas and islands, hard-working citizens and an annual festival of music performed by the world’s finest artists.This exotic flourish is the Australian Festival of Chamber Music, a very Australian story of inspiration and survival.

The Australian Festival of Chamber Music is not where you might expect to find us, but this is one of our many charms and pleasures - and once found we are not easily forgotten. For Townsville folk we bring economic benefit and an influx of extraordinary musicians and the chance to hear great live performances. For those who travel to join us, and they are many, it provides a chance to step away from the ordinary, catch up with friends and allow a stream of concerts to invigorate and uplift.

We are proud of our storied past, and we face the future with confidence, buoyed by the support of our many friends and donors.

Recent research has confirmed that now, more than ever, Australians are becoming experienced philanthropists - from the millennial helping to crowd-fund a friend’s project to the mature adult choosing to support what they feel strongly about, understanding that if we like it and want it, we need to support it.

The AFCM’s sources of income are ticket sales, government support plus philanthropic and corporate support - all strong relationships.  Now an elegant 28 years old the AFCM is capable of reaching even further, programming artists of the highest calibre and providing them with a platform that does justice to their talents.

Artistic Director Kathryn Stott has just delivered her first Festival, a resounding success and a taste of what is possible. To support her vision the AFCM is seeking to establish a strong and ongoing relationship with all those who have experienced one of those moments at a Festival concert when time stands still and music uplifts and carries us forward. We invite you to join us on our journey.

Here are the ways you can keep us company, welcome on board:

We acknowledge all supporters as often as we can and you will be in the company of many other generous people. Find the musical speed that suits you best, our donors are acknowledged in the following categories:

Presto               $10,000+
Vivace               $5,000 - $9,999
Allegro              $2,500 - $4,999
Andantino         $1,000 - $2,499
Moderato          $250 - $999

We thank all of you who have supported us in the past, are supporting us now and who will help see us into the future.

Sue Hackett
Philanthropy Manager

The Australian Festival of Chamber Music Donations Fund is listed on the Register of Cultural Organisations maintained under subdivision 30-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. The AFCM Donations Fund charitable status is Deductible Gift Recipient 1 (DGR1). DONATIONS OF $2 OR MORE ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.


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