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31 July - 9 Aug 2020

Artistic Director Kathryn Stott

Company Membership

Review of Membership for 2019 

The Board has conducted a review of aspects of Membership of the Company with a view to improving its operations and to ensure the way the Company collects and uses personal information is compliant with relevant legislation. An updated Privacy Policy to reflect this is in the process of development and will be published shortly following formal adoption by the Board.

Membership of the Company has until now been used as the vehicle for offering priority ticket booking and discounts to subscribers and other regular AFCM attendees. The review undertaken by the Board has determined that in the interests of ensuring the security of personal information collected, held, used and disclosed during subscription and ticket purchases, it would be better not to continue with the previous practices.

A new AFCM Friends program has been created to ensure that the benefits of priority ticket booking and discounts will continue to be available for those who wish to support the Festival through subscription and donations.

Some current members may only want to participate and enjoy the benefits of the new AFCM Friends program and not continue to be an active member of the Company. With a view to keeping membership records current and up-to-date and assisting those members interested in the new Friends Program, as part of the application process applicants are requested to resign and renew their Company membership status if they are still interested in being an active member of the Company and also wish to join the Friends Program. Renewing your membership will also provide the Company with an efficient means to ensure your contact details as recorded by the Company are current and up-to-date.

Some Members have paid membership subscription fees in advance.  With your permission, we will apply any advance payments that the Company has received from you towards the application fee for the AFCM Friends Program when you sign up. If you do not wish to join the AFCM Friends Program or renew your membership, any advance payments the Company has received will be refunded to you.

Being a Member of the Company

Supporters and AFCM Friends with a bona fide interest in the objects of the Company, including how the Festival is governed, should submit an application to become a member of the Company or submit an application to renew your membership for next year if you are already a member.

Being a Member of the Company carries with it the following rights and legal obligations:

  • To attend and vote at general meetings of the Company
  • To stand for election as a Director
  • To elect or remove Directors
  • To receive and consider the Annual Financial Statements prepared by the Company’s auditor
  • To view the Register of Members of the Company
  • To pay an annual Membership fee as determined by the Board
  • To provide changes of contact information to the Company
  • To contribute on the winding up of the Company, if necessary, to a maximum amount of $20.

In accordance with the Constitution, the Company membership year commences on 1 January and concludes on 31 December. Membership fees for the coming year are due and payable by 1 January 2019. Where membership fees remain in arrears, the Board reserves the right to terminate memberships. If your membership is terminated, a new application for membership together with payment of the application fee can be made.

Consultation with Members

The changes outlined above are important and necessary. It is important to note, however, that these changes do not change or infringe the rights and obligations of our members.

If you would like to comment on them you are welcome to do so by email to info@afcm.com.au or by post to the AFCM mailing address, PO Box 5871, Townsville Qld 4810.


Click To Become of a Member of the Company for 2019

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