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26/07 - 04/08/2019

Artistic Director Kathryn Stott

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2019 Festival Program

Shows - Tuesday, July 30th

12:00 - Peppers Blue on Blue (Magnetic Island)

Magnetic Island Discs

About this event:

It's the official day off so why not head across to Magnetic Island for lunch with Artistic Director, Kathryn Stott? Enjoy a two-course lunch and hear Kathryn share stories about her favourite pieces of music, why they’re special to her and how they’ve influenced her musical career. She will also play those pieces on CD for everyone!

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13:00 - Orpheus Island

Orpheus Island Concert

About this event:

A spectacular day combining sun, sea and fine music. Travel by ferry to the uninhabited end of Orpheus Island, enjoy some time relaxing, exploring or swimming before settling down on the beach for a 60-minute concert performed by Festival musicians. Wu Man (pipa), Rachael Clegg (oboe), Roberto Carillo-Garcia (double bass), Sally Walker (flute) and Martin Kuuskmann (bassoon)

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