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27/07 - 04/08/2018

Artistic Director Kathryn Stott

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2017 Festival Program

Shows - Thursday, August 3rd

10:15 AM - C2, Townsville Civic Theatre, South Townsville

Concert Conversations with Piers Lane 4

About this event:

Piers chats with Thomas Chawner, Timothy Constable, Jayson Gillham, Matthew Hindson, Daniel Kowalik and Kirsty McCahon. A light lunch will be served after the concert in the theatre forecourt.

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1:00 PM - St James' Cathedral

AFCM Winterschool - Advanced Public Masterclass 3 with Jiří Bárta

About this event:

Jiří Bárta coaches emerging professionals in an hour-long public masterclass.

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5:00 PM - Sacred Heart Cathedral

Ray Golding Sunset Series – Phoenix Rising

About this event:

“when The bird of wonder dies, the maiden phoenix Her ashes may create another heir As great in admiration as herself” – Shakespeare

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7:30 PM - Townsville Civic Theatre

Evening Series - From Russia with Love

About this event:

Rachmaninoff’s first Trio may be short, but it’s passionate and touching and beautifully written for all three instruments. It’s only in a festival that you have the resources to compare two different Tchaikovskys in one program, particularly when one of them is writing for harp and woodwind quintet, the other for a string quartet! The latter offering has that glorious Andante Cantabile for a slow movement, often heard on its own. Rimsky’s Quintet is a romp from start to finish and Shostakovich’s Octet provides a two-movement ripsnorter high octane finish...

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