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27/07 - 04/08/2018

Artistic Director Kathryn Stott

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2017 Festival Artists


1RAR Band


1RAR Band is a highly regarded component of the Australian Defence Force in North Queensland. The band supports 3rd Brigade units, other Defence organisations and the wider community for anything from ceremonial activities to dinners, balls, community concerts and sporting events. They also continue to support their own 1st Battalion on domestic duties and overseas deployments including East Timor and more recently Afghanistan.

1RAR Band
Major Glenn Rogers (Musical Director/Trumpet)
WO2 Sean O'Toole (Percussion)
SGT James Duqemin (Trumpet)
SGT Peta Lockhart (Baritone Saxophone)
CPL Wade Burgess (Alto Saxophone)
CPL Andrew Cassidy (Trombone)
CPL Justin Kennedy (Trumpet)
CPL Deborah O'Toole (Vocals)
MUSN Steve Bumford (Keyboard)
MUSN Ryan Casey (Tenor Saxophone)
MUSN Jonathan Trevor Connell (Drum Kit)
MUSN Michael Aavo Henderson (Trombone)
MUSN Mansell Laidler (Bass)
MUSN Aaron John Passfield (Trumpet)
MUSN Jaiden Craig Redman (Bass Trombone)
MUSN Grant Malcolm Thomas (Guitar)
MUSN Daniel James Watterson (Alto Saxophone)
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