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Busking Competition

Busking Competition

AFCM Busking Competition

Do you play an orchestral instrument? Are you under the age of 25 and a resident in Townsville? The Australian Festival of Chamber Music Busking Competition is for you.

This is your chance to perform in front of international Festival artists, who will judge the competition.

You could win one of two prizes:

  • $350 cash prize for the best performance, and
  • $150 cash prize for the most creative performance

The judges will announce the winners at 4.45 PM on the day of the competition - Thursday 29th July 2021. 

There are only 20 places available. Soloists or ensembles welcome to apply.

Conditions of entry: 

  • be 25 years of age or younger
  • be a resident of Townsville
  • play an orchestral instrument/s (unamplified)
  • play classical repertoire 
  • is not a current or previous recipient of the Theodore Kuchar Scholarship or Advanced Winterschool program

How to apply:

If you would like to be considered for an invitation to busk, please submit a short performance video of no more than 2 minutes. It doesn’t need to be a professional video, a video taken on your phone is fine. 

Either upload your video to YouTube and send us a private link or send the video to:

Please be sure to include your contact details, including e-mail address and contact phone number as well as your name (or the name of the contact person for your group).

Just remember to state your name/group at the start of the video and include your contact details.